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An interesting idea with a clean and nice looking presentation, just keep in mind for a latter HTML game that the ALT key is usually a function key in many browsers : 3

Hi SamRandom, thanks for pointing this out! The game was not especially intended to be an HTML game at first. We published it in HTML when realizing it was lightweight enough and that this would be much easier for people to give it a shot. But indeed we did not think about adapting the controls. A possible workaround is to fullscreen the game. ;)

Hoping for more levels and at least some sound effects, because the idea of the game has potential.

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Hi Indiependent, thanks for trying our game! That's right, the lack of sound really is the first striking thing about Urban Exodus, but we had nobody able to work on it during the jam. Levels are loaded from a simple file format, you can add your own in Assets/Levels, then append them to the list of levels in the TileSystem object (main scene)!

edit: I added instruction about making new levels: